Davatec is proud to partner with ERP Maestro to provide an online subscription service that automates ERP access controls including segregation of duty (SoD) compliance, sensitive access monitoring, emergency access management and secure provisioning for SAP®. Requiring no upfront cost or IT implementation, this solution makes it easier to prevent fraud, pass corporate audits and comply with regulatory requirements. The best part is clients can be up and running in as little as 30 minutes! Contact us today for a free trial.

Quick, Easy Access Controls Automation for SAP®


Subscription Features


  • SoD Analysis: Identify Segregation of Duties (SoD) access conflicts for auditing and SoX compliance in minutes with powerful reporting capabilities
  • Emergency Access: Automate approval flows and track activity when IT personnel and end users need emergency temporary access to SAP.
  • Sensitive Access: Actively monitor the base of SAP users with access to sensitive functionality for audit and operational purposes.
  • Secure Provisioning: Change a user's role membership assignments in SAP in a compliant manner and test for impact before assigning.
  • Utilization Intelligence: Assess risks more confidently and accelerate remediation time with comprehensive reporting based on 100% of SAP user data. 
  • Proven Rulebook: Tried and tested with the Big 4, our industry-leading rulebook ensures less false positives and more accuracy in identifying risks.