Flexible & Modular Subscription Plans

ERP Maestro's four modules work together or individually in any combination. Build a subscription fit for your organization's size and specific needs - from a single module covering 100 SAP users to a complete solution covering as many as 20,000+. For specific pricing, request a quote below. 

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Annually or monthly billing available. Maximum discounts apply for prepaid annual and multi-year subscriptions.

All subscription plans include:

✔ Same day setup

✔ Automatic upgrades

✔ Industry-leading, Big 4-tested rulebook

✔ Assisted rulebook configuration

✔ Online training and support

✔ Dedicated system administrator





"Cloud-based solutions promise faster time to value at a lower cost of ownership."

-Gartner's Market Guide for SOD Controls Monitoring Tools 


"It makes the difference between having a work-life balance and spending your life staring at spreadsheets for hours and hours."

-Carol Chapman, Sr. Director of SAP Quality Unit,
American National Insurance Company (ANICO)


"ERP Maestro uses a cloud-based architecture to make access control and SoD efficient and agile as well as effective. "

-GRC 20/20's Solution Viewpoint:
ERP Maestro